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Finding the perfect ring...

Firstly, congratulations!


This is a wonderfully exciting, yet daunting time for you; there are so many decisions to be made! Here at Infinity Fine Jewellery, our aim is to make the ring part a breeze. 


Set your budget;

Don’t forget to add them into your overall budget. You will be wearing your wedding rings every day for the rest of your life. 


Shop as a couple; 

Here at Infinity Fine Jewellery, we are all about the experience. We believe this experience should be shared, together, without interruption. Dedicate the time together, you’ll never get the time back, it’s important to cherish every moment. 


You may not choose to wear a matching pair of wedding rings, which is absolutely fine. It is traditional for the bride to buy her groom’s wedding ring and vice versa, so make your wedding ring shopping trip as memorable as possible.


Choose in comfort; 

It’s important that wherever you choose to shop for your wedding rings, that you feel comfortable where you are. You should feel relaxed, excited and no pressure what so ever. This is a wonderful time, not a stressful time. Rest assured, here at Infinity Fine Jewellery, we will tailor the experience around you. We want it to be just how you thought it would and more. You’ll be given un-divided and un-interrupted attention.


Consider shape and size;

There is such a variety of shapes and sizes. For the groom, different metals and styles may be a factor, and for the bride, careful consideration needs to be take, especially if you have an uncommonly shaped engagement ring.


We will be able to help, guide and advise on what metals and styles are the best when it comes to your wedding rings. You could also consider visiting us for a bespoke wedding ring, if you plan on melting a vintage wedding ring or turning a family heirloom into something special for your own wedding.


Choose the right metal;

Traditionally, wedding rings were mainly purchased in a classic gold style, however more modern wedding rings can be designed in a number of different materials. For the bride it’s common to choose a metal to match your engagement ring as it will look lovely in photographs and for the groom, something stylish and sturdy is a good option. Material options for wedding rings include gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum and titanium to name a few. 


Think long term; 

Trends come and go. Choose something you’ll want to wear regardless of the trend at the time. Don’t forget you can always make changes to the ring in your lifetime. 


You’ll be wearing your wedding rings forever so be sure to love what you buy! 


Keep your lifestyle in mind; 

You’re going to wear this ring, every day for the rest of your life. So the ultimate goal is to choose something you are confident will fit comfortably in your life.  


We have a special ring size guide so that we can measure exactly what size your wedding rings will need to be. The size of your finger may change over the years, but having your wedding ring re-sized is always an option in the future.


Shop early; 

Some wedding rings need to be ordered or made bespoke. Plan to shop for your wedding rings around 6 months before your big day, just to ensure you have enough time ahead of your wedding.


Wedding insurance; 

It is advisable to include the bride’s engagement rings, and both wedding rings on your house hold insurance, just to protect you in case they get stolen or go missing in the future.




That being said, we want to make choosing your wedding rings a seamless experience. Therefore we will help guide you through the above and more with the best experience that you could wish for. 

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